Frequently asked questions / What to Expect

How to make an appointment?

  • Call us at 860-406-3372 or email info@NutritionFirstCT.com
  • You can also fill out the Contact Us form on our website homepage and we will contact you
  • After you make an appointment, you will receive a welcome email that will guide you through the process of logging into our secure HIPAA compliant online portal. You will then be able to access the pre-appointment forms after you create a login.

What to bring to your first appointment?

  • Insurance card (if applicable)
  • Driver's license or photo ID
  • Payment method
  • Recent blood work (if not sent by referring physician)
  • Complete all pre-paper work via the secure online portal prior to your appointment

What if I don’t have access to the internet, computer, or smartphone? How do I fill out my paperwork?

  • No worries. When you book the appointment, please let the dietitian know so that paper work can be ready and provided to you before your appointment starts. Please arrive 25 minutes prior to your appointment to allow you enough time to complete the all required forms. You can also request to have the paper work mailed to your home.

What to expect at your first appointment?

  • This initial appointment usually runs 90 minutes long.
  • Information from your pre-appointment paper work will be reviewed and questions may be asked in order to clarify any information that you have provided.
  • We will discuss your health history, current health, current physical activity level, and reasons for visit.
  • A 24 hour diet recall may be requested.
  • Together we will set realistic goals that you develop, and create an individualized plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

How long are follow-up appointments?

  • Follow-up appointments usually run 45 minutes long.
  • We will reassess your progress and goals. Make adjustments if needed.
  • Discuss challenges, obstacles, and successes.

What if I forgot my username and password, or have issues using the secure online portal?

  • No worries. Simply click the ‘Reset Password’ link and it will guide you through how to reset your password. Your username is your email account.
  • At the bottom righthand corner of your screen, you will also see a small blue & white message icon. Click this icon, and a customer service representative will assist you in real-time and can walk you through any problems or questions you have with using the online portal.

I have (or need) a physician referral. What do I do?

  • Please request or download the Referral Form from our website homepage and have the referring physician complete and sign.
  • Please have the referring physician's office fax the referral form to us at: 888-965-3543
  • You can also upload your referral form to us via the HIPAA compliant secure online portal once you are set up, or bring it with you in person to your first appointment.
  • Please DO NOT email referral forms to us, as public email is not a secure form of communication for an electronic health record.


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