12 Weeks

What's Included:

6 Visits (1 Initial + 5 Follow ups)

Structured, Guided Plan

Support & Touch Points


Guided structured program designed to help you lose weight and develop the patterns necessary toward sustaining a healthy eating lifestyle.  I designed this unique program specifically to support and teach people the key to eating healthy, losing weight, and sustaining naturally without eliminating any major food groups from your diet.  This is NOT like one of the popular “fad diets” out there where you will have to eliminate certain food groups or nutrients, such as Carbs, from your plate.  Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week and is achieved through eating what your body needs, not by "tricking your system" or by other non-sustainable means. No relying on Fasting, No Supplements, No Shakes.  This is a Healthy, Balanced, Lifestyle - Period.  I will support you all the way through the 12 week program, and you will learn the techniques needed to succeed on your own once off the program.  Let’s work together towards changing your relationship with food and living healthier by balancing your plate!                


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